Alcohol and Health: how much is it a safe dosage?

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Alcohol is a toxic product and its metabolites (products obtained during decomposition in the body) are also toxic: acetic aldehyde and acetic acid.

In case of systematic alcohol abuse, the liver begins to revive, healthy tissue is replaced by fatty tissue. The so-called fatty liver disease begins, which becomes inflammation and then cirrhosis -irreversible replacement of organic tissue by connective tissue.

What doses of alcohol are safe? None.

Because with each dose we end up with poisonous vinegar.

Of course, no one will die from a glass of wine.
But it is important that drinking is not a habit.

There are official regulations, the so-called conditionally safe amounts of alcohol, which English scientists call beverages.

A drink is 45 ml of strong alcohol, 330 ml of beer, 150 ml of medium-strength wine. The British themselves do not find it embarrassing to double this dose and almost every day. Fortunately, women have been advised to reduce the dose by 30%.

Regular alcohol consumption significantly increases the activity of an enzyme called aromatase. Converts the male hormone testosterone to estradiol. It is responsible for the basic female processes of the body.

What threatens men? Depending on the type of man, the breasts will increase, the volume of fatty tissue will grow, the prostate will swell and could well form a neo-plasma.